Code example for PackageManager

Methods: getComponentEnabledSetting, loadIcon

			// time. We could move it to the drawing code (load only 
			// once the user actually sees an icon), but that would 
			// slow down the list view usage. One option possibly would 
			// be to load it on-demand, but do that again in a thread. 
			mCurrentPackage.icon =
		mCurrentComponent = new ComponentInfo();
		mCurrentComponent.packageInfo = mCurrentPackage;
		mCurrentComponent.componentName = componentName;
		mCurrentComponent.componentLabel = getAttr("label");
		mCurrentComponent.defaultEnabled = !(getAttr("enabled") == "false");;
		mCurrentComponent.currentEnabledState =
			    new ComponentName(mCurrentPackage.packageName,
	void endReceiver() { 
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