Code example for Formatter

Methods: toString, \",Object[]), \",String,UNKNOWN)

        throws IOException 
        if (isAjaxResponse(context)) {
            String jsvar = FacesUtils.getJsvar(context, component);
            String value = getCurrentValue(context, component);
            Formatter fmt = new Formatter();
            fmt.format("%s.setChecked(%b,true);\n", jsvar, Boolean.valueOf(value));
            if (FacesUtils.isDynamicValue(component, "label")) {
                String text = HtmlEncoder.enquote(getItemText(context, component, false), '\'');
                fmt.format("%s.setText(%s);\n", jsvar, text);
            if (FacesUtils.isDynamicValue(component, "disabled")) {
                fmt.format("%s.setDisabled(%b);\n", jsvar, isDisabled(component));
            AjaxResponseWriter out = (AjaxResponseWriter)context.getResponseWriter();
    public void provideResource(ResourceManager rm, UIComponent component) {
        UIMenu menu = getParentMenu(component);
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