Code example for RectF

Methods: heightwidth

		mContext = ctx;
	// Returns the cropping rectangle in image space. 
	public RectF getCropRect() {
		final float width = mImageRect.width();
		final float height = mImageRect.height();
		return new RectF(mCropRect.left / width, / height, mCropRect.right / width, mCropRect.bottom
				/ height);
	// Determines which edges are hit by touching at (x, y). 
	public int getHit(float x, float y) {
		Rect r = computeLayout();
		int retval = GROW_NONE;
		final float hysteresis = mTouchHystersis;
		// verticalCheck makes sure the position is between the top and 
		// the bottom edge (with some tolerance). Similar for horizCheck.