Code example for LogRecord

	 * @param log The contents of the log (not including timestamp and severity) to be processed 
	 * @param level The severity level to be incorporated into the log event 
	protected void process(String logMessage, Level level) {
		if(this.immediateUpload) {
			le.publish(new LogRecord(level, logMessage));
		} else { 
			//add to list of offline logs 
			Date currentTime = new Date();
			String event = le.format(currentTime, logMessage, level);
 * To create more logging levels, subclass AndroidLevel with a class containing 
 * static Level objects. 
 * <br/><i>public static Level myLevel = new ExtendedLevel(levelName, levelPriority);</i> 
 * @author Caroline 
 * 29/08/11 
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