Code example for TransformerException

Methods: getMessage

   * Set off a new parse for an included or imported stylesheet.  This will  
   * set the {@link StylesheetHandler} to a new state, and recurse in with  
   * a new set of parse events.  Once this function returns, the state of  
   * the StylesheetHandler should be restored. 
   * @param handler non-null reference to current StylesheetHandler that is constructing the Templates. 
   * @param uri The Namespace URI, which should be the XSLT namespace. 
   * @param localName The local name (without prefix), which should be "include" or "import". 
   * @param rawName The qualified name (with prefix). 
   * @param attributes The list of attributes on the xsl:include or xsl:import element. 
   * @throws org.xml.sax.SAXException Any SAX exception, possibly 
   *            wrapping another exception. 
  protected void parse( 
          StylesheetHandler handler, String uri, String localName, String rawName, Attributes attributes)
            throws org.xml.sax.SAXException 
    TransformerFactoryImpl processor = handler.getStylesheetProcessor();