Code example for CharBuffer

Methods: positionarrayOffsethasArray

    private final void setPosition(CharBuffer out){
            out.position(out.position() + data[OUTPUT_OFFSET]);
        // BEGIN android-added 
        // release reference to output array, which may not be ours 
        output = null;
        // END android-added 
    private final void setPosition(ByteBuffer in){
        // ok was there input held in the previous invocation of decodeLoop  
        // that resulted in output in this invocation? 
        // BEGIN android-changed 
        in.position(in.position() + data[INPUT_OFFSET] + savedInputHeldLen - data[INPUT_HELD]);
        savedInputHeldLen = data[INPUT_HELD];
        // release reference to input array, which may not be ours 
        input = null;