Code example for ExemptionMechanismException

Methods: equalsgetCausegetMessage

    static Throwable tCause = new Throwable("Throwable for exception");
    static String createErr(Exception tE, Exception eE) {
        return "ExemptionMechanismException: ".concat(tE.toString()).concat(
                " is not equal to caught exception: ").concat(eE.toString());
     * Test for <code>ExemptionMechanismException()</code> constructor 
     * Assertion: constructs ExemptionMechanismException with no detail message 
        level = TestLevel.COMPLETE, 
        notes = "", 
        method = "ExemptionMechanismException", 
        args = {} 
    public void testExemptionMechanismException01() { 
        ExemptionMechanismException tE = new ExemptionMechanismException();
        assertNull("getMessage() must return null.", tE.getMessage());
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