Code example for MotionEvent

Methods: getRawYgetY

	 * MotionEvent has no getRawY(int) method; simulate it pending future API 
	 * approval. 
	private static float getRawY(final MotionEvent event, final int pointerIndex) {
		final float offset = event.getY() - event.getRawY();
		return event.getY(pointerIndex) + offset;
	 * The listener for receiving notifications when gestures occur. If you want 
	 * to listen for all the different gestures then implement this interface. 
	 * If you only want to listen for a subset it might be easier to extend 
	 * {@link SimpleOnScaleGestureListener}. 
	 * An application will receive events in the following order: 
	 * <ul> 
	 * <li>One {@link OnScaleGestureListener#onScaleBegin(ScaleGestureDetector)} 
	 * <li>Zero or more 
	 * {@link OnScaleGestureListener#onScale(ScaleGestureDetector)}