Code example for MotionEvent

Methods: getEventTime

	 * Return the event time of the current event being processed. 
	 * @return Current event time in milliseconds. 
	public long getEventTime() { 
		return mCurrEvent.getEventTime();
	 * Get the X coordinate of the current gesture's focal point. If a gesture 
	 * is in progress, the focal point is directly between the two pointers 
	 * forming the gesture. If a gesture is ending, the focal point is the 
	 * location of the remaining pointer on the screen. If 
	 * {@link #isInProgress()} would return false, the result of this function 
	 * is undefined. 
	 * @return X coordinate of the focal point in pixels. 
	public float getFocusX() { 
		return mFocusX;