Code example for MotionEvent

Methods: getPointerCountgetXgetY

        dragLastY = dragCurrentY;
    /** Calculates the distance between the 2 current pointers */ 
    private float distance(MotionEvent event) {
        if (event.getPointerCount() < 2) {
            return 0; 
        return PointF.length(event.getX(POINTER1) - event.getX(POINTER2), //
                event.getY(POINTER1) - event.getY(POINTER2));
     * Test if a MotionEvent with the given start and end offsets 
     * can be considered as a "click". 
     * @param upEvent The final finger-up event. 
     * @param xDown   The x-offset of the down event. 
     * @param yDown   The y-offset of the down event. 
     * @param xUp     The x-offset of the up event. 
     * @param yUp     The y-offset of the up event. 
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