Code example for BluetoothAdapter

Methods: getBondedDevicesgetRemoteDevice

			this.device = null;
			throw new InvalidBluetoothAddressException("\""+ this.getDeviceAddress() +"\" is an invalid bluetooth device address.");
		// Get an Android device based on the sub-class address 
		this.device = this.adapter.getRemoteDevice(this.getDeviceAddress());
		Set t = this.adapter.getBondedDevices();
		me = this;
		// TODO: change all messages to use direct connect (via service MEssenger) instead of listeners 
		// This is not too important because status messages dont' happen all that much, so the load 
		// of sending them via broadcast intents is not too bad. 
		threadHandler = new Handler() {
			public void handleMessage(Message msg) {
				switch(msg.what) {
					case MSG_CONNECTED: