Code example for UriMatcher

Methods: addURI

    private static final String STR_NUMBER = "number";
    private static final String STR_EMAILS = "emails";
    private static final String STR_PIN2 = "pin2";
    private static final UriMatcher URL_MATCHER =
                            new UriMatcher(UriMatcher.NO_MATCH);
    static { 
        URL_MATCHER.addURI("icc", "adn", ADN);
        URL_MATCHER.addURI("icc", "fdn", FDN);
        URL_MATCHER.addURI("icc", "sdn", SDN);
    private boolean mSimulator;
    public boolean onCreate() { 
        String device = SystemProperties.get("ro.product.device");
        if (!TextUtils.isEmpty(device)) {
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