Code example for TreeMap

Methods: put

    public static ArrayList<Bookmark> getAllBookmarks(String tagName, int start, int count, Account account, Context context) 
	throws IOException, AuthenticationException, TooManyRequestsException { 
    	ArrayList<Bookmark> bookmarkList = new ArrayList<Bookmark>();
    	InputStream responseStream = null;
    	TreeMap<String, String> params = new TreeMap<String, String>();
    	String url = FETCH_BOOKMARKS_URI;
    	if(tagName != null && tagName != ""){
    		params.put("tag", tagName);
    	if(start != 0){
    		params.put("start", Integer.toString(start));
    	if(count != 0){
    		params.put("results", Integer.toString(count));
    	params.put("meta", "yes");
    	responseStream = DeliciousApiCall(url, params, account, context);
    	SaxBookmarkParser parser = new SaxBookmarkParser(responseStream);
    	//Log.d("kdf", convertStreamToString(responseStream)); 
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