Code example for TreeMap

Methods: toStringgetputsize

public class MapToStringTest { 
    public void testMapToString() 
        TreeMap<Integer,TreeMap<Integer, String>> map = new TreeMap<Integer, TreeMap<Integer, String>>();
        map.put(0, new TreeMap<Integer, String>());
        map.put(1, new TreeMap<Integer, String>());
        map.put(2, new TreeMap<Integer, String>());
        map.put(3, new TreeMap<Integer, String>());
        map.get(1).put(-1, "a");
        map.get(2).put(-2, "b");
        map.get(3).put(1, "c");
        map.get(0).put(3, "d");
        map.get(2).put(2, "e");
        map.get(1).put(0, "f");
        String dist = map.toString().replaceAll("\\}\\}|[ ]", "");
        dist = dist.replaceAll("=\\{", ">");
        dist = dist.replaceAll("\\},", "<");
        dist = dist.replaceAll("=", "@");
        dist = dist.substring(1);
        assertTrue(map.size() == 4);
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