Code example for TreeMap

Methods: put

public class TestAjpParser extends TestCase
    public void testBeanShellRun() throws Exception 
        TreeMap treeMap = new TreeMap();
        treeMap.put("param1", "The Quick Brown Fox Jumps Over To The Lazy Dog");
        treeMap.put("param2", "thequickbrownfoxjumpsovertothelazydog");
        StringBuffer script = new StringBuffer();
        script.append("\nString param1=(String) params.get(\"param1\");");
        script.append("\nString param2=(String) params.get(\"param2\");");
        script.append("\nSystem.out.println(\"\\nparam1 = \" + param1);");
        script.append("\nSystem.out.println(\"\\nparam2 = \" + param2);");
        script.append("\nif(!\"The Quick Brown Fox Jumps Over To The Lazy Dog\".equals(param1)) " +
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