Code example for TreeSet

Methods: add

  public void testSimpleQuery4() { 
    LineageInfo lep = new LineageInfo();
    try { 
      lep.getLineageInfo("FROM ( FROM ( FROM src1 src1 SELECT src1.key AS c1, src1.value AS c2 WHERE src1.key > 10 and src1.key < 20) a RIGHT OUTER JOIN ( FROM src2 src2 SELECT src2.key AS c3, src2.value AS c4 WHERE src2.key > 15 and src2.key < 25) b ON (a.c1 = b.c3) SELECT a.c1 AS c1, a.c2 AS c2, b.c3 AS c3, b.c4 AS c4) c SELECT c.c1, c.c2, c.c3, c.c4");
      TreeSet<String> i = new TreeSet<String>();
      TreeSet<String> o = new TreeSet<String>();
      checkOutput(lep, i, o);
    } catch (Exception e) {
  public void testSimpleQuery5() { 
    LineageInfo lep = new LineageInfo();
    try { 
      lep.getLineageInfo("insert overwrite table x select a.y, b.y "