Code example for UiSettings

Methods: setMyLocationButtonEnabled

		// Enables/disables the my location button (this DOES NOT enable/disable 
		// the my location 
		// dot/chevron on the map). The my location button will never appear if 
		// the my location 
		// layer is not enabled. 
		mUiSettings.setMyLocationButtonEnabled(((CheckBox) v).isChecked());
	public void setMyLocationLayerEnabled(View v) {
		if (!checkReady()) { 
		// Enables/disables the my location layer (i.e., the dot/chevron on the 
		// map). If enabled, it 
		// will also cause the my location button to show (if it is enabled); if 
		// disabled, the my 
		// location button will never show. 
		mMap.setMyLocationEnabled(((CheckBox) v).isChecked());