Code example for Locator

Methods: getColumnNumbergetLineNumbergetSystemId

     * @param loc Must not be <code>null</code>. 
     * @since Ant 1.6 
    public Location(Locator loc) {
        this(loc.getSystemId(), loc.getLineNumber(), loc.getColumnNumber());
     * Creates a location consisting of a file name, line number and 
     * column number. 
     * @param fileName The name of the file. May be <code>null</code>, 
     *                 in which case the location is equivalent to 
     *                 {@link #UNKNOWN_LOCATION UNKNOWN_LOCATION}. 
     * @param lineNumber Line number within the file. Use 0 for unknown 
     *                   positions within a file. 
     * @param columnNumber Column number within the line. 
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