Code example for URL

Methods: toString

	 * {@inheritDoc} 
	protected IRepositoryItem acceptItem(URL itemURL, IRepositoryRoot root, IRepository repository) {
		// Accept and register the item if it is a Java class file, but not an inner class file 
		String name = itemURL.toString().toLowerCase();
		if (name.endsWith(".class") && !name.contains("$")) {
			return register(itemURL, root, repository);
		return null; 
	 * Registers the class file with the specified URL as a RobotItem. 
	 * @param classFileUrl is the URL of the class file to register. 
	 * @param root is the repository root containing the class file to register. 
	 * @param repository is the repository, where the class file is automatically added or updated, 
	 *                   when the class file is registered. 
	 * @return a RobotItem that has been created or updated in the repository.