Code example for URL

Methods: getPortgetProtocol

  static final int HTTP_TEMP_REDIRECT = 307;
   * How many redirects should we follow? Chrome follows 21; Firefox, curl, 
   * and wget follow 20; Safari follows 16; and HTTP/1.0 recommends 5. 
  private static final int MAX_REDIRECTS = 20;
  final OkHttpClient client;
  private final RawHeaders rawRequestHeaders = new RawHeaders();
  /** Like the superclass field of the same name, but a long and available on all platforms. */ 
  private long fixedContentLength = -1;
  private int redirectionCount;
  protected IOException httpEngineFailure;
  protected HttpEngine httpEngine;
  private Proxy selectedProxy;
  public HttpURLConnectionImpl(URL url, OkHttpClient client) {