Code example for TimeZone

Methods: getOffsetinDaylightTime

    private static void assertNonDaylightOffset(int expectedOffsetSeconds, long epochSeconds, TimeZone tz) {
        assertEquals(expectedOffsetSeconds * 1000, tz.getOffset(epochSeconds * 1000));
        assertFalse(tz.inDaylightTime(new Date(epochSeconds * 1000)));
    public void testZeroTransitionZones() throws Exception { 
        // Zones with no transitions historical or future seem ideal for testing. 
        String[] ids = new String[] { "Africa/Bujumbura", "Indian/Cocos", "Pacific/Wake", "UTC" };
        for (String id : ids) {
            TimeZone tz = TimeZone.getTimeZone(id);
            assertFalse(tz.inDaylightTime(new Date(Integer.MIN_VALUE)));
            assertFalse(tz.inDaylightTime(new Date(0)));
            assertFalse(tz.inDaylightTime(new Date(Integer.MAX_VALUE)));
            int currentOffset = tz.getOffset(new Date(0).getTime());
            assertEquals(currentOffset, tz.getOffset(new Date(Integer.MIN_VALUE).getTime()));
            assertEquals(currentOffset, tz.getOffset(new Date(Integer.MAX_VALUE).getTime()));
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