Code example for AtomicInteger

Methods: getAndAdd

	 * Similar to <see cref="getSafeMenuId" />, except this reserves a sequence of IDs of length 
	 * <param name="count" />. The returned number is the starting index of that sequential list. 
	 * @return an integer suitable to be used as a menu identifier 
	protected final static int getSafeMenuIdSequence(final int count) {
		return sOrdinal.getAndAdd(count);
	// =========================================================== 
	// Methods for SuperClass/Interfaces 
	// =========================================================== 
	 * Draw the overlay over the map. This will be called on all active overlays with shadow=true, 
	 * to lay down the shadow layer, and then again on all overlays with shadow=false. Callers 
	 * should check isEnabled() before calling draw(). By default, draws nothing. 
	protected abstract void draw(final Canvas c, final MapView osmv, final boolean shadow);