Code example for SuggestionsInfo

    public Session createSession() {
        // Should not refer to AndroidSpellCheckerSession directly considering 
        // that AndroidSpellCheckerSession may be overlaid. 
        return AndroidSpellCheckerSessionFactory.newInstance(this);
    public static SuggestionsInfo getNotInDictEmptySuggestions() {
        return new SuggestionsInfo(0, EMPTY_STRING_ARRAY);
    public static SuggestionsInfo getInDictEmptySuggestions() {
        return new SuggestionsInfo(SuggestionsInfo.RESULT_ATTR_IN_THE_DICTIONARY,
    public SuggestionsGatherer newSuggestionsGatherer(final String text, int maxLength) {
        return new SuggestionsGatherer(text, mRecommendedThreshold, maxLength);
    // TODO: remove this class and replace it by storage local to the session.