Code example for TextPaint

Methods: setColorsetTypefacesetUnderlineText

        @Override public void updateDrawState(TextPaint paint){
            paint.setColor(0xFFB100C4);  //TODO:  Find a better way to set these values.
            paint.setTypeface(Typeface.create((String)null,Typeface.BOLD));  //Have to add that cast to avoid ambiguity.
     * @see roge.taekim.content.span.Span#parseSpan(CharSequence, int, int, SpanAttributes) 
    @Override public CharSequence parseSpan(CharSequence string,int span_start,int span_end,SpanAttributes attributes){
            Log.e("JP","The "+this.getTag()+" tag MUST have the \"type\" attribute set.");
            return string;
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