Code example for LinkedList

Methods: size

        diffs = VisualDiffUtils.splitDiffsOnNewline(diffs);
        LinkedList<String> expectedLines = new LinkedList<String>();
        LinkedList<Integer> expectedLineNums = new LinkedList<Integer>();
        LinkedList<String> actualLines = new LinkedList<String>();
        LinkedList<Integer> actualLineNums = new LinkedList<Integer>();
        VisualDiffUtils.generateExpectedResultLines(diffs, expectedLineNums, expectedLines);
        VisualDiffUtils.generateActualResultLines(diffs, actualLineNums, actualLines);
        // TODO: We should use a map for each line number and lines pair. 
        assert expectedLines.size() == expectedLineNums.size();
        assert actualLines.size() == actualLineNums.size();
        assert expectedLines.size() == actualLines.size();
        html.append(VisualDiffUtils.getHtml(expectedLineNums, expectedLines,
                actualLineNums, actualLines));
    public TestType getType() { 
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