Code example for AttributeList

Methods: getValue

		return retVal;
	private StructVector parseVector(AttributeList attrs) {
		StructVector vector = new StructVector();
		vector.mId = parseInt(attrs.getValue("id"));
		vector.mInterpolationType = parseInterpolationType(attrs);
		vector.mTimeStart = parseFloat(attrs.getValue("t0"));
		vector.mTimeEnd = parseFloat(attrs.getValue("t1"));
		vector.mCtrl0 = parseFloatArray(attrs.getValue("c0"));
		vector.mCtrl1 = parseFloatArray(attrs.getValue("c1"));
		vector.mCtrl2 = parseFloatArray(attrs.getValue("c2"));
		return vector;
	public static class Data { 
		public final float[] mCameraLookAt = new float[3];
		public final float[] mCameraPosition = new float[3];
		public final float[] mForegroundColor = new float[4];
		public final float[] mLightPosition = new float[3];
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