Code example for UserRecoverableAuthException

Methods: getIntent

            response = doGet(mAuthToken, this);
        } catch (UserRecoverableAuthException userAuthEx) {
            // This means that the app hasn't been authorized by the user for access to the scope, so we're going to have 
            //  to fire off the (provided) Intent to arrange for that 
            // But we only want to do this once. Multiple attempts probably mean the user said no. 
            if (!mSecondTry) {
                startActivityForResult(userAuthEx.getIntent(), REQUEST_CODE);
                response = null;
            } else { 
                response = new Response(-1, null, "Multiple approval attempts");
        }  catch (IOException ioEx) {
            // Something is stressed out; the auth servers are by definition high-traffic and you can't count on 
            //  100% success. But it would be bad to retry instantly, so back off 
            if (backoff.shouldRetry()) {
                response = authenticateAndGo(backoff);
            } else {