Code example for Bitmap

Methods: getHeightgetRowBytes

 * cache.<br /> 
 * <br /> 
 * <b>NOTE:</b> This cache uses strong and weak references for stored Bitmaps. Strong references - for limited count of 
 * Bitmaps (depends on cache size), weak references - for all other cached Bitmaps. 
 * @author Sergey Tarasevich (nostra13[at]gmail[dot]com) 
 * @since 1.0.0 
public class LargestLimitedMemoryCache extends LimitedMemoryCache<String, Bitmap> {
	 * Contains strong references to stored objects (keys) and sizes of the objects. If hard cache 
	 * size will exceed limit then object with the largest size is deleted (but it continue exist at 
	 * {@link #softMap} and can be collected by GC at any time) 
	private final Map<Bitmap, Integer> valueSizes = Collections.synchronizedMap(new HashMap<Bitmap, Integer>());
	public LargestLimitedMemoryCache(int sizeLimit) {
	public boolean put(String key, Bitmap value) {
		if (super.put(key, value)) {
			valueSizes.put(value, getSize(value));
			return true; 
		} else { 
			return false; 
	public void remove(String key) {
		Bitmap value = super.get(key);
		if (value != null) {
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