Code example for DataSetObservable

 * that all cursors need to deal with and is provided for convenience reasons. 
public abstract class AbstractCursor implements android.database.CrossProcessCursor, net.sqlcipher.Cursor {
    private static final String TAG = "Cursor";
    DataSetObservable mDataSetObservable = new DataSetObservable();
    ContentObservable mContentObservable = new ContentObservable();
    /* -------------------------------------------------------- */ 
    /* These need to be implemented by subclasses */ 
    abstract public int getCount(); 
    abstract public String[] getColumnNames();
    abstract public String getString(int column);
    abstract public short getShort(int column);
    abstract public int getInt(int column);
    abstract public long getLong(int column);
    abstract public float getFloat(int column);
    abstract public double getDouble(int column);