Code example for LinearInterpolator

	private int transitionDuration = DEFAULT_TRANSITION_DURATION; 
	 * The Interpolator used for animating the cluster transition. 
	private Interpolator transitionInterpolator = new LinearInterpolator(); 
	private static final int DEFAULT_PIXEL_DISTANCE_TO_JOIN_CLUSTER = 150; 
	 * The pixel distance under which an InputPoint will cluster into a 
	 * neighbor. 
	private int pixelDistanceToJoinCluster = DEFAULT_PIXEL_DISTANCE_TO_JOIN_CLUSTER; 
	private static final double DEFAULT_EXPAND_BOUNDS_FACTOR = 0; 
	 * Defines how much the visible region bounds should be expanded when 
	 * considering whether an InputPoint is to be considered for clustering. 
	 * Lower values will result in higher drawing performance when many 
	 * InputPoint objects are off screen, but clusters will be more likely to