Code example for InetAddress

Methods: getHostName

	public abstract void dispose(); 
	protected InetSocketAddress getLocalAddress( InetAddress addr, int port )
	throws UnknownHostException 
		return new InetSocketAddress( addr.getHostName().equals( "" ) ? InetAddress.getLocalHost() : addr, port );
	private static class UDPOSCServer 
	extends OSCServer 
//		private final Map				mapCodecs	= new HashMap();	// key = SocketAddress (remote), value = OSCPacketCodec 
		private final OSCReceiver		rcv;
		private final OSCTransmitter	trns;
		protected UDPOSCServer( OSCPacketCodec c, InetSocketAddress localAddress )
		throws IOException 
			super( c, UDP );
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