Code example for EmptyStackException

   * </p> 
   * @see org.xml.sax.ContentHandler 
  public void pop() { 
    if (_current._parent == null) {
      throw new EmptyStackException();
    _current = _current._parent;
   * <p> 
   * Declare a new prefix binding.  This binding will supercede a binding with the 
   * same prefix in the same scope.  As a crutch, <code>null</code> arguments may be 
   * passed and will be interpreted as <code>&quot;&quot;</code>.  Note that binding 
   * a non-empty prefix to an empty URI is not permitted in XML 1.0 but is not 
   * flagged as an error by the method. 
   * </p> 
   * @param prefix the prefix to bind 
   * @param uri the URI to bind it to