Code example for DateFormatSymbols

Methods: equals

            fail("NullPointerException was not thrown.");
        } catch(NullPointerException npe) {
        try { 
            new SimpleDateFormat("eee", Locale.GERMAN);
            fail("IllegalArgumentException was not thrown.");
        } catch(IllegalArgumentException iae) {
    public void test_applyLocalizedPatternLjava_lang_String() { 
        // Test for method void 
        // java.text.SimpleDateFormat.applyLocalizedPattern(java.lang.String) 
        SimpleDateFormat f2 = new SimpleDateFormat("y", new Locale("de", "CH"));
        // BEGIN android-removed 
        // This test doesn't work like this. The cause lies inside of icu 
        // that doesn't support localized pattern characters anymore. So this 
        // test fails because the pattern template contains characters that are