Code example for DateFormatSymbols

Methods: getMonths

	 * Takes num value of a month and returns its corresponding localized string 
	 * @param month Numerical value of Calendar month  
	 * @return localized String value of requested month 
	private String getLocalizedMonth(int month) {
		DateFormatSymbols dfs = new DateFormatSymbols();
		String[] strMonths = dfs.getMonths();
		return strMonths[month];
	 * Create new table with initial values 
	 * @param noteText note's main text 
	 * @param dateCreated packed int of the date note was created 
	 * @param imgFilePath file path to the attached image 
	 * @param alarmTime milliseconds of time the alarm was set for; 0 if none set  
	 * @return row id of the newly inserted row, or -1 if error 
	public long createNote(String noteText, int dateCreated, String imgFilePath,
			long alarmTime) {