Code example for ConcurrentSkipListMap

Methods: containsKeyputtailMap

	 * @return this name 
	public synchronized IncrementalName<E> push(E type, Object value) {
		if(type==null) throw new IllegalArgumentException("The passed type was null", new Throwable());
		if(value==null) throw new IllegalArgumentException("The passed value was null", new Throwable());		
		if(map.containsKey(type)) {
			map.tailMap(type, true).clear();
		map.put(type, value.toString());
		return this;
	 * Renders the name into a string 
	 * @return the rendered name 
	public String render() {
		TreeMap<E, String> tm = new TreeMap<E, String>(map);
		if(tm.isEmpty()) return "";
		StringBuilder b = new StringBuilder();