Code example for Charset

Methods: newDecoder

            final ByteBufferAllocator allocator,
            final HttpParams params) {
        super(buffersize, allocator);
        this.charbuffer = CharBuffer.allocate(linebuffersize);
        this.charset = Charset.forName(HttpProtocolParams.getHttpElementCharset(params));
        this.chardecoder = this.charset.newDecoder();
    public SessionInputBufferImpl( 
            int buffersize,
            int linebuffersize,
            final HttpParams params) {
        this(buffersize, linebuffersize, new HeapByteBufferAllocator(), params);
    public int fill(final ReadableByteChannel channel) throws IOException {
        if (channel == null) {
            throw new IllegalArgumentException("Channel may not be null");
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