Code example for ImageView

Methods: getScaleType

	 * @param imageView           {@link android.widget.ImageView ImageView} to work with 
	 * @param checkActualViewSize <b>true</b> - then {@link #getWidth()} and {@link #getHeight()} will check actual 
	 *                            size of ImageView. It can cause known issues like 
	 *                            <a href="">this</a>. 
	 *                            But it helps to save memory because memory cache keeps bitmaps of actual (less in 
	 *                            general) size. 
	 *                            <p/> 
	 *                            <b>false</b> - then {@link #getWidth()} and {@link #getHeight()} will <b>NOT</b> 
	 *                            consider actual size of ImageView, just layout parameters. <br /> If you set 'false' 
	 *                            it's recommended 'android:layout_width' and 'android:layout_height' (or 
	 *                            'android:maxWidth' and 'android:maxHeight') are set with concrete values. It helps to 
	 *                            save memory. 
	 *                            <p/> 
	public ImageViewAware(ImageView imageView, boolean checkActualViewSize) {
		this.imageViewRef = new WeakReference<ImageView>(imageView);
		this.checkActualViewSize = checkActualViewSize;