Code example for ImageView

Methods: setTagsetImageBitmapsetImageDrawable

                mImageViewReference = new WeakReference<ImageView>(imageView);
        protected void onPostExecute(Bitmap bitmap) {
            ImageView imageView = mImageViewReference != null ? mImageViewReference.get() : null;
            // If ImageView is still around, bitmap processed OK and this task is not canceled. 
            if (imageView != null && bitmap != null && !isCancelled()) {
                // Ensure this task is still the same one assigned to this ImageView, if not the 
                // view was likely recycled and a new task with a different icon is now running 
                // on the view and we shouldn't proceed. 
                if (this.equals(imageView.getTag())) {
                    // On HC-MR1 run a quick fade-in animation. 
                    if (hasHoneycombMR1()) {