Code example for PublicKey

Methods: getAlgorithm

		return b;
	public byte[] readSignature(PublicKey pubKey) throws IOException {
		if (!pubKey.getAlgorithm().equals("DSA")) throw new UnsupportedOperationException();
		DSAPublicKey dsaPubKey = (DSAPublicKey) pubKey;
		DSAParams dsaParams = dsaPubKey.getParams();
		byte[] sig = new byte[dsaParams.getQ().bitLength() / 4];
		return sig;
	public SignatureX readMysteriousX() throws IOException { 
		PublicKey pubKey = readPublicKey();
		int dhKeyID = readInt();
		byte[] sig = readSignature(pubKey);
		return new SignatureX(pubKey, dhKeyID, sig);
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