Code example for RC2ParameterSpec

Methods: getEffectiveKeyBits

        try { 
            new RC2ParameterSpec(effectiveKeyBits, iv, 4);
            fail("An IllegalArgumentException should be thrown "
                    + "in the case of short iv."); 
        } catch (IllegalArgumentException e) {
        RC2ParameterSpec ps = new RC2ParameterSpec(effectiveKeyBits, iv, offset);
        iv[offset] ++;
        assertFalse("The change of iv specified in the constructor "
                    + "should not cause the change of internal array.", 
                    iv[offset] == ps.getIV()[0]);
     * getEffectiveKeyBits() method testing. Tests that returned value is 
     * equal to the value specified in the constructor. 
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