Code example for SSLSocket

Methods: setUseClientMode

	public SSLSocket createSSLSocket (Context i_aCtx) throws
			UnrecoverableKeyException, KeyStoreException, 
			NoSuchAlgorithmException, GTBSSLSocketException 
		m_sslSocket = (SSLSocket) createSocket(null, 0, true);
		return m_sslSocket;
	 * Create a new connection to the specified host. 
	 * Call haveDataConnection before use. 
	 * @param host If null, falls back to HOST value 
	 * @param port If 0, falls back to PORT 
	 * @param autoClose Unused 
	 * @return A new Socket or null on error. 
	public Socket createSocket(String host, int port, boolean autoClose)
		throws GTBSSLSocketException 
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