Code example for Field

Methods: isAccessiblesetAccessibleget

        return value;
    // Put in content value from object to specific type 
    private void putInContentValues(ContentValues contentValues, Field field, Object object) throws IllegalAccessException {
        if (!field.isAccessible())
            field.setAccessible(true); // for private variables
        Object fieldValue = field.get(object);
        String key = DatabaseUtil.getColumnName(field);
        if (fieldValue instanceof Long) {
            contentValues.put(key, Long.valueOf(fieldValue.toString()));
        } else if (fieldValue instanceof String) {
            contentValues.put(key, fieldValue.toString());
        } else if (fieldValue instanceof Integer) {
            contentValues.put(key, Integer.valueOf(fieldValue.toString()));
        } else if (fieldValue instanceof Float) {
            contentValues.put(key, Float.valueOf(fieldValue.toString()));
        } else if (fieldValue instanceof Byte) {
            contentValues.put(key, Byte.valueOf(fieldValue.toString()));
        } else if (fieldValue instanceof Short) {
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