Code example for Field

Methods: getBoolean

            Object value = values[i];
            for (int j = i; j < fields.length; j++) {
                Field field = fields[j];
                fieldName = field.getName();
                if (field == charField && type != 'C') {
                    // the exception is that bytes and shorts CANNOT be 
                    // converted into chars even though chars CAN be 
                    // converted into ints, longs, floats and doubles 
                    subclass.setField(type, subclass, field,
                            illegalArgumentExceptionClass, value);
                } else { 
                    // setting type into field); 
                    subclass.setField(type, subclass, field, null, value);
                    subclass.setField(type, otherSubclass, field, null, value);
                    subclass.setField(type, parentClass, field,
                            illegalAccessExceptionClass, value);
                    subclass.setField(type, plainObject, field,
                            // Failed on JDK. 
                            illegalAccessExceptionClass, value);