Code example for ClipDrawable

        // Sets the progressBar color 
        String myColor = "#00C0FF";
        // Adds the drawable to your progressBar 
        ClipDrawable progressD = new ClipDrawable(pgDrawable, Gravity.LEFT, ClipDrawable.HORIZONTAL);
        // Sets a background to have the 3D effect 
        // mProgress.setBackgroundDrawable(res.getDrawable(android.R.drawable.progress_horizontal)); 
        // mProgress.getBackground().setColorFilter( 0x87888800, Mode.MULTIPLY); 
        Drawable drawable = mProgress.getProgressDrawable();
		drawable.setColorFilter(new LightingColorFilter(0xFF000000, 0xFF5ea618));
	public void Destroy() 
		Activity a = UnityPlayer.currentActivity;
		a.runOnUiThread(new Runnable() {public void run() {
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