Code example for HttpParams

Methods: setIntParameter

    public void setRejectRelativeRedirect (final boolean reject) {
        params.setBooleanParameter(ClientPNames.REJECT_RELATIVE_REDIRECT, reject);
    public void setMaxRedirects (final int maxRedirects) {
        params.setIntParameter(ClientPNames.MAX_REDIRECTS, maxRedirects);
    public void setAllowCircularRedirects (final boolean allow) {
        params.setBooleanParameter(ClientPNames.ALLOW_CIRCULAR_REDIRECTS, allow);
    public void setHandleAuthentication (final boolean handle) {
        params.setBooleanParameter(ClientPNames.HANDLE_AUTHENTICATION, handle);
    public void setCookiePolicy (final String policy) {
        params.setParameter(ClientPNames.COOKIE_POLICY, policy);
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