Code example for HttpParams

    public SSLServerIOEventDispatch( 
            final NHttpServiceHandler handler,
            final SSLContext sslcontext,
            final SSLSetupHandler sslHandler,
            final HttpParams params) {
        super(handler, params);
        Args.notNull(sslcontext, "SSL context");
        Args.notNull(params, "HTTP parameters");
        this.sslcontext = sslcontext;
        this.sslHandler = sslHandler;
     * Creates a new instance of this class to be used for dispatching I/O event 
     * notifications to the given protocol handler using the given 
     * {@link SSLContext}. This I/O dispatcher will transparently handle SSL 
     * protocol aspects for HTTP connections. 
     * @param handler the server protocol handler. 
     * @param sslcontext the SSL context.