Code example for BasicStatusLine

     *            {@link HttpEntity} to be included in the response, loaded 
     *            through {@link AssetManager}. 
    public static HttpResponse buildResponse(int statusCode, String assetName, Context context)
            throws IOException { 
        final StatusLine status = new BasicStatusLine(HttpVersion.HTTP_1_1, statusCode, null);
        final HttpResponse response = new BasicHttpResponse(status);
        if (assetName != null) {
            final InputStream entity = context.getAssets().open(assetName);
            response.setEntity(new InputStreamEntity(entity, entity.available()));
        return response;
    /** {@inheritDoc} */ 
    protected RequestDirector createClientRequestDirector(
            final HttpRequestExecutor requestExec,
            final ClientConnectionManager conman,
            final ConnectionReuseStrategy reustrat,