Code example for BasicStatusLine

    public void resetState() { 
        mResponse = buildInternalServerError();
    private static HttpResponse buildInternalServerError() {
        final StatusLine status = new BasicStatusLine(HttpVersion.HTTP_1_1,
                HttpStatus.SC_INTERNAL_SERVER_ERROR, null);
        return new BasicHttpResponse(status);
     * Build a stub {@link HttpResponse}, probably for use with 
     * {@link #setResponse(HttpResponse)}. 
     * @param statusCode {@link HttpStatus} code to use. 
     * @param assetName Name of asset that should be included as a single 
     *            {@link HttpEntity} to be included in the response, loaded 
     *            through {@link AssetManager}. 
    public static HttpResponse buildResponse(int statusCode, String assetName,