Code example for SearchView

Methods: setQuery

    public void setQueryString(String query) {
        mQueryString = query;
        if (mSearchView != null) {
            mSearchView.setQuery(query, false);
    /** @return true if the "UP" icon is showing. */ 
    public boolean isUpShowing() { 
        return mSearchMode; // Only shown on the search mode.
    private void updateDisplayOptions() { 
        // All the flags we may change in this method. 
        final int MASK = ActionBar.DISPLAY_SHOW_TITLE | ActionBar.DISPLAY_SHOW_HOME
                | ActionBar.DISPLAY_HOME_AS_UP | ActionBar.DISPLAY_SHOW_CUSTOM;
        // The current flags set to the action bar.  (only the ones that we may change here) 
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