Code example for File

Methods: mkdir

  private static void verifyExternalStorageForExport() throws NoExternalStorageException { 
    if (!Environment.getExternalStorageDirectory().canWrite())
      throw new NoExternalStorageException(); 
    String exportDirectoryPath = getExportDirectoryPath();
    File exportDirectory       = new File(exportDirectoryPath);
    if (!exportDirectory.exists())
  private static void verifyExternalStorageForImport() throws NoExternalStorageException { 
    if (!Environment.getExternalStorageDirectory().canRead() ||
        !(new File(getExportDirectoryPath()).exists()))
        throw new NoExternalStorageException(); 
  private static void migrateFile(File from, File to) {
    try { 
      if (from.exists()) {
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